About us

Institute of Circular Economy & Technology (ICET) — core and educational part of Zero Waste India project, run by Bionomix Solutions PL 

Main project (ZWI) goals & approach

  1. Build Zero Waste India
    Reduce to 0 (zero) harmful impact on the environment and provide clean air, land and water for all Indian people

  2. Build Self-sufficient India
    Create Own Supply & Manufacturing Chains to reduce impact of foreign goods & services and therefore their economic & social control on India

  3. Build Indian Smart Circular Economy
    Simultaneous study — Traditional Indian Lifestyle & Techs + World Modern Techs. Solve every problem smart — pick the most bio-safe, long-lasting & cost-effective solution

Basic principles: 

  • Biosafety, 
  • Long-term thinking, 
  • Market Effective Solutions
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